Dr. Zakir Naik Answers About the Concept of Islamic

Dr. Zakir Naik Answers About the Concept of Islamic Sects (Shafi, Hanafi, Maliki, Hambli)

A companion of mine. She’s asking me like uh inside your Muslims itself, you have disarray when you meet your pose. The first inquiry is whether your leisure activity or ▪ ▪ uh Sunni whatever. Uh, this sort of inquiry that there’s disarray between you yourself, what do you believe we should follow? What is that we can precisely come following? Uh, This is to pose the inquiry as a nonmuslim sister asked, there’s disarray among the Muslims. Dr. Zakir Naik’s Answers About the Concept of Islamic Sects (Shafi, Hanafi, Maliki, Hambli)

At the point when you meet you as you are of a side interest. Or are you ▪ you are a Maliki?

So there’s disarray among the Muslims. So what’s the answer? I truly do concur with my nonmuslim sister that tragically numerous Muslims called various names. However, when I advise the Hindus to return to the way that. I advise the Muslims to return to section number 300 and hold the rope off. Allah unequivocally and partitioned. We need to hold the rope of Allah the rope of part number six was 1 59. That anybody who makes a division in the locale of Islam benefits. You don’t have anything to do with him?

Making sex-making division in Islam is denied. It is Haram.▪ In any case, when we asked the Muslim, what are you something? What is the benefit or the benefit? What was the ▪ ▪ ▪ You are Muslim 52 67?

That ▪ ▪ Muslim with preferable discourse over one who welcomed the method of the. Masterworks nobility and says that. I’m a Muslim, A darling prophet. ▪ Muslim partners advised us to call ourselves. Muslims, can’t be preferred level over Muslims. Dr. Zakir Naik’s Answers About the Concept of Islamic Sects (Shafi, Hanafi, Maliki, Hambli)

See every one of these four extraordinary and be satisfied with them all.

They were extraordinary researchers. I love them. I regard them all. There were extraordinary researchers, however, this large number of incredible researchers said this ▪ said that assuming you find any of ▪ which conflicts with the ▪ ▪ ▪ on the planet. So here in the event that you dissect every one of this imam that came, they came not to make another sex. Dr. Zakir Naik’s Answers About the Concept of Islamic Sects (Shafi, Hanafi, Maliki, Hambli)

They came for individuals to return to the first sacred writing. The ▪ so what we need to understand is that. I realize there are individuals who say that ▪ ▪ with the benefits that they will be ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 76, the prophet, that there will be 76 benefitting things ought to make ▪ ▪ benefit you. That even they don’t make add up to me. the best is to return to ▪ and the best name you can have is to call yourself a Muslim. Any researcher, let it be anyplace on the planet. Allow them to be the greatest call of the world. You asked him for verification ▪ ▪ ▪ evidence. Assuming you are honest on the off chance that tells the truth, produce your verification.

So any researcher of the distinction of assessment requesting confirmation could the evidence check And consequently

, in my discussion, I at any point generally give references to what. I say about ▪ ▪ ▪ zero nothing. Consequently ▪ Allah says ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ in Islam ▪ Allah conveys it if the benefits. So hence sisters Muslims ought not to be isolated. We ought to call ourselves Muslims and follow the. Koran and anybody who partitions the religion they’re conflicting. Indeed, sibling ▪ dr ▪ rehearsed the clinical expert day before yesterday. I went to Mr. Abdulrahim Green’s talk.

There was an inquiry presented to him ▪ by a clinical understudy. She got some information about ▪ heaven. The individuals who practice Islam, vote by heaven, and the other individuals go to assistance, he said the response given by. Mr. Abdullah and Green were not persuading. Might you at any point kindly make sense of this? Much thanks to you Sibling has an inquiry. Another person ▪ Green that we likewise practice. Islam will go to heaven. The people who don’t rehearse Islam will get lost and persuading. I was in there.

I’m certain Sibling Abdul Green might have been an extremely persuading answer.

Perhaps you didn’t comprehend specific office focuses. I know him. He’s an excellent ▪ ▪ however in regards to the answer will Muslims go to china and non-muslim get lost? Sibling, The prerequisite to go to Jenna is given. Section 103 was number 123, ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ the badge of time, man is wearing a condition of regulations with the exception of the individuals who have confidence. The individuals who have exemplary did the people who commend individuals ▪ ▪ and the people who admonish individuals to be patient sees the prerequisite for any human need to go to china is four things iman confidence.

What I talked about, ▪ ▪ honest did ▪ outlandish individuals. Reality and urging individuals to a patient seeking after.

On the off chance that any of these photographs missing under typical conditions, you will not go to Jenna exclusively by calling yourself Abdullah Mohammed ▪ ▪ won’t take you to Jenna by simply saying I’m a Muslim. You know go to Jenna. I said in my discussion Allah says in ▪ section 29 stanza number two, by simply saying you accept, by simply saying I’m a lady, I’m a Muslim, Do you assume you go to Jenna?

Allah will without a doubt test you. However, simply saying I’m a Muslim won’t go to china.

An individual who rehearses Islam. Islam comes from the root what Salaam, and that implies harmony. It additionally implies submitting to God. An individual who submits to God is known as a Muslim. So an individual who follows the religion or submits to an all-powerful God is a Muslim.

Any individual who presents a bill to the all-powerful God whatever his name, perhaps will go to china. So standard to go to china is having a man in every one of the support points I referenced all-powerful God is there, you have couriers about a year after about his books etcetera. Doing noble did ▪ and presenting a will to all-powerful God, in the event that you present a bill to all-powerful God in Arabic, it is called a religion of Islam. However, it doesn’t intend that assuming you live in Pakistan and live in Saudi Arabia, ▪ know every one individual in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ or not.

The individual who could be Heaven’s sibling is one who complies with the rules of the all-powerful God.

The individual who complies with the decrees of the all-powerful God. Also, I examine numerous in my discussion assuming you submit to these decrees of all-powerful God just by name, calling us the muslin um Mohammed Abdullah that won’t take you to china. It doesn’t repay to change your name. Green is definitely not a Muslim name. So that doesn’t mean ▪ we implore mother sibling inshallah, he has returned. He was a Christian. So the name won’t take you to Jenna. Your deeds will take you trusting their deeds, extraordinary individuals, truth, and admonished individuals to patient examples.

On the off chance that you did the right, assuming that a man is correct and urges individuals to truth and patient individual mints in shallow, any person ▪ desire to respond to the inquiry. Perhaps have the following inquiry from a sibling here, your name and calling, ▪ I’m roger ▪ ▪ new school ▪ ▪ and my client so questionable to him. In this way, however, it is my obligation to put my inquiry.

  • He has said that ▪ Krishna has hitched 16,000 spouses and we can’t a Muslim to wed four or 5 wives.

This shows that both of your religions are joined in smothering basic freedoms.

▪ You have said that you might say that people are so alluring, yet you see an individual point of view ▪ and assuming you find so your methodologies are tainted and your brain is ruined. The idea of excellence itself is additionally changing once Cleopatra was delightful, however, it is n’t.presently positions first ▪ ▪ And you are additionally proposed for the first message, yet it makes just the fan and basics. At the point when you are persuaded to a specific strict philosophy, you see as no off-base in the in your companions.

To that end that is what occurred in Gujarat where 2000 Muslims are killed on the roads.

No God has come just networks and a few leftists, endeavors where individuals are reporting every one of the strict qualities, and for you like people that ▪ it has come to values, Religion has fizzled and every one individual. So kindly permit individuals to be free and permit them to join their social developments like socialists and genuine body developments.

The siblings, I have faith in the socialist has posed a generally excellent inquiry.

  • ▪ He’s a truism that assuming Hinduism permits and Krishna’s strength 15,108 spouses and Islam permits so Hinduism.
  • Islam is joining in stifling the lady as per you, as per his sibling. He thinks Cleopatra was wonderful today.
  • She’s not ▪ is number one for you, not so much for me.
  • ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ So what is lovely for You may not be wonderful for me.
  • I in all actuality do concur with you. It is a viewpoint. I truly do concur with you.
  • I am sure I might be number one for you, but not so much for me.
  • ▪ ▪ So we understood whether the idea of various changes and I give the model, what is humble in America isn’t unobtrusive here.
  • What innovation is that cutting-edge american who’s to choose?

I truly do concur with you assuming you believe that wedding more than one spouse is stifling the one who will deal with the large numbers of ladies, you, ▪ Who will they give it a second thought?

▪ Will your socialist development fare thee well? Allah, in the superb Koran, gives you the answer to the issues of humanity. The arrangement doesn’t go down your throat. I’m posing your inquiry today. There are a great many ladies more than men, who will deal with them. Who ▪ regardless of whether we give them noble cause each month, that kid won’t be adequate to see a man and lady have been made sexual essentially.

Allah says in the Koran ▪ number 31 21. Indeed. Put love and leniency between their souls. I’m a clinical specialist. I’m a clinical specialist. A lady can’t stay a virgin all through her life can’t. It’s impractical. What I will do? What will occur? The great prostitution. How will the local area help them? What the arrangement? ▪ No arrangement. Allah gives the arrangement of a maker. The arrangement doesn’t go down. The reality of the issue is a sibling. The arrangement is t

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