Top 3 online shopping sites in Pakistan

There are a lot of web-based stores in Pakistan where you can buy things, but I’ll teach you about my experiences with online shopping.

Daraz. pk

Daraz is the best application to buy products in Pakistan. Daraz is obviously situated first. The stage’s multi-class shopping events have extended its popularity. The stage has almost everything, from sports to frames to gadgets to fitness. Some reports ensure that Alibaba is similarly in talks with Daraz to buy the stage. Almost all people use daraz in Pakistan.
Kaymu.Daraz obtained pk. pk quite a while ago, and by and by Daraz gets all of the traffic on its domain. pk.
Daraz stays aware of its circumstance among the most notable electronic business destinations because of 15.03 multi month to month visitors, especially like last year. On typical, a visitor opens 4.18 pages during each visit. On Daraz, each view perseveres in typical 3 minutes and 58 seconds. Daraz gets 65.64 percent of all points of view either clearly or through references, Google, and other engine searches. The truth that really 4.77 percent of traffic comes from virtual diversion shows the association’s direct solid brand significance.


Many people also like goto and use it for buying products. has emerged as Pakistan’s most notable electronic shopping objective in late months. The essential clarification that goto is so renowned for is that they release new PDAs on this site following they are conveyed. Consequently, a considerable number of individuals probably buy things from goto, especially phones. Yayvo has climbed three spots from last year to number 3. Yayvo saw a basic development in busy time gridlock in light of viable headways during the Pakistan Super Affiliation.
Overall, the page gets 1.088 multi month to month visits, with each visit getting through 4 minutes and 13 seconds. On ordinary, visitors to the site open 3.72 pages during each visit.


pulls up a lot of direct traffic, which makes up 41.87% of all visits. Its presence through internet-based diversion is truly tasteful, and 9.20% of visitors come from social media. In extension, 40.84% of the website’s traffic comes from web crawlers. This is the third application which is very best application.

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