How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step will teach you how to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step. Hello there everybody in this video. I will impart it to you. 12 moves toward transforming $0 into $1000 with offshoot advertising. Working two hours every day, stand by a moment. Haven’t arrived to burn through your time, I’ll let you know you’ll be wealthy in one month. I’m here to impart to you. Genuine bit-by-bit Manual for fabricating a revenue stream on the web.On the off chance that you follow the 12 stages. I will impart to you, you can hope to arrive at 3 to $500 in around 3 to a half years. I will let you know how to increase this to one or $2000 each month as I give you answers to your questions so comment and get answers. affiliate

You can begin with $0. You don’t require cash yet you really want to work at lee these 23 hours every day for somewhere around 23 months to construct a revenue source.

In the event that you are not able to do this, equitable energy or skip it or watch different

We really want to work here. The subsequent explanation is offered nothing on my channel with the exception of assuming I test it.

So the entirety of my recordings, can we just look at things objectively for a minute? the vast majority of my recordings depend on genuine key examinations. Genuine numbers.affiliate

Genuine experience over seven years of involvement working on the web and number three it’s basically. I will offer free help after I distribute this video.

So assuming you watch it, recently come and be there to help you. affiliate

I’ll make an honest effort to answer different remarks in this video. Still not

How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You can go to my local area segment and really take a look at a lot of examples of overcoming adversity from individuals all around the world to begin working web-based subsequent to watching my recordings. I trust you’ll be the following one to fabricate a revenue transfer in the wake of watching this video.

So step number one is to pick a theme or a specialty to work in. Simplify everything for you. affiliate

I will give you a pdf with a ton of subjects and thoughts and to pick one of them the structure an exceptionally straightforward. affiliate

Pick a point that you love or that you need to find out about or that you are familiar with along these lines. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You do not feel exhausted when you read or compose or do anything at this point or in this

What’s more, coincidentally, kindly do nothing while at the same time watching the video.

Simply watch it once comprehend the methodology that will give you everything. The connections, the apparatuses, the free pdf.

All that I will give you in this video. You can download and utilize absolutely free of charge.

Kindly now listen once comprehend the thought and afterward you can carry it out straightforwardly subsequent to watching this video and for this video.

I will go with a model suppose my subject is. Youtube promoting or Youtube development I will share and show individuals how to develop on. Youtube for instance. affiliate

So you finish step number one, step number two is to make a rundown of sites in your specialty, just go to the research ▪ website and record your subject.

For instance, in my situation, it’s Youtube promoting online journals for instance. In this manner, you have a lot of results.

15 best Youtube showcasing web journals up in this.

This, for instance, I will see a ton of sites here discussing Youtube.

What you will do is essentially go here to think dab S. O through the product, free programming to oversee all that you need. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You can perceive how I deal with my business, my exploration, and my own stuff.

Everything here Inside idea you ought to do this moreover. So on the off chance that you don’t have a record simply join.

Very basic. I will make now and your page I would call it subsidiary ▪ Business and stage one, pick a specialty.

In my situation, it is a YouTube promotion. I will transform it into a heading and we are right here.

We completed it. ▪ How about we go to duplicate emoticon?

Get a check, I will get a mark Emoticon duplicate it, and afterward extremely decent. It made sense to us.

I’m doing this. I’m showing you this likewise to assist you with coordinating your business sort out your

So another heading is stage two which is a rundown of sites billeted list.

What’s more, presently I will begin replicating eyes. For instance, this site perusing truly OK. This first site you glue here. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

We have likewise a Youtube blog and an official Youtube blog. We can likewise glue it here, etc.

So make a rundown of five, 5 to 10 websites in your specialty.

Step number three is essential to buy into all bulletins in your

Once more, for instance, go to find out about. Youtube showcasing bulletin we have here might blend and simply begin scanning here for pamphlets in your specialty.

For instance, we have this wonderful maker snare a magnificent pamphlet by the way. Youtubers if you have any desire to

So additionally go here and go along with it. I’ll explain to you now why we’re doing this. So I joined this pamphlet.

Proceed to join 3 to 5 pamphlets in your specialty. So we are finished here, join use letters.

We are done at this point. Stage four follows YouTubers in your specialty.

Once more, the least demanding way is to go here too. Youtube and look for your point Youtube, for instance, development and you’ll find a ton of channels like film stall.

Quite possibly the best channel. Coincidentally, we have two bodies.

We have Justin Earthy colored private video, think. Maria every one of these is in the specialty. I chose, and buy-in and follow these feeds and you are finished.

It’s just straightforward. Presently the inquiry is about why we are doing this, and why we are joining. Youtube directs pamphlets and web journals in our specialty essentially in light of the fact that we would rather not sit around tracking down thoughts.

So consistently you can conform to these online journals, to these bulletins to these two channels, and pick thoughts.

You have a bank of thoughts to choose from in your specialty, particularly in the event that you’re a fledgling.Newrealapps.comHow to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You lack the opportunity in the technique to design and do some satisfied exploration.

This is the least demanding way for you to begin with.

Presently before we proceed, there’s something vital changing this symbol. It doesn’t have anything to do with the cargo business.

So we should pick another for instance, ▪ jeez suppose business or something to that effect.

What’s more, I’ll pick this one. Perhaps it’s better. So remain number five. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

What’s more, here we will begin the genuine work. All that before is really basic.

Simply joined and made a rundown and did some exploration on google presently in sync five.

You will look and find associate projects in your specialty.

One of the least demanding approaches here is to research once more and quest for Youtube which is your specialty.

In my situation, it’s Youtube promoting member programs.

So just add your specialty here and the right member projects and afterward begin looking for programs in your specialty to save you some time. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

I will likewise furnish you with a unique asset.

It will help you a ton to pick subsidiary projects like a catalog of all competitor programs in any specialty you can pick from and begin with now to save some time.

I know a few projects for Youtube, for instance. I can elevate the dick to the body ▪ perhaps some rush, etc.

Allow me to show you this. In the event that I go to the website, this is a device for. Youtubers to assist you with becoming your youtube channel.

I use it as one of the most mind-blowing devices coincidentally and they have a marvelous competitor program and you can see here my dashboard.
So for December, I have around $300 in revenue and so on.

You get the affiliate link here and you are going to promote this affiliate link.

So step number five is simply finding affiliate products in your niche. Also, this somehow is a simple picking program.

Now, step number six, create a medium blog, simply go here to medium dot com on medium.

You can simply create a free blog. Just sign up and you have a free blog.

For example, here is my profile here is my blog, by the way, I published some interesting articles on

You can check it if you want. So that’s simple. We create a blog on medium.

Step number seven is to plan 3 to 5 ideas to write about on medium. Don’t worry about the media. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You’re going to write big articles that take a lot of time. The idea is different on medium.

You will see right now in step number eight.

So plan 3 to 5 posts to publish on medium or to be more accurate.

3 to 5 post ideas on how we do this.

If you remember in step number 23 and four, we got a lot of sources to get ideas from.

So from used letters from Youtubers from blogs.

You can simply pick some ideas entitled to right about let’s say for me, I will create a list.

How to get 1000 subs on youtube.

Another idea, for example, how to create the best thumbnail, What is B split testing and how it helps YouTubers.

So I plan three ideas for my medium blog and you have to do this in your own niche now.

Step number eight have to create the perfect post on medium.

Please focus very well it’s somehow different than any blog medium is somehow different and special. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

Please focus to get the best out of the medium.

Get free traffic without worrying too much about promotions and getting traffic from here and there and backlinks and S. U.

And so on. Please focus on this step is very important.

I want to talk about three important factors to be successful on medium. I think it’s the main important factor.

It’s enough for now to start maybe later on in the upcoming videos, we can go in-depth and media and see how we can go on medium, and how to get more followers.

What are the best practices and much more?

But for now for the sake of this video, not to go out of scope. I want to focus on only three main

Number one, let’s take a look at my posts.

You can see two minutes 35 minutes read six minutes 33 million trees. So the posts are somehow small.

And to point number two, the titles.

Look at the titles, how I got one 1.3 million visits in 12 months. We are talking about catchy titles.

Not to click baits of course for now don’t focus on SEO and keywords and these advanced techniques.

Just focus on catching titles for anyone scrolling on medium to catch them to click and read your posts somehow like youtube, you need to care about the click-through rate and how many people are clicking on your articles to read them.

So if you open like this one here, how. I got one million views on my website, click and look at the style of the post.

This is the third main factor you can see. It’s super simple and I’m using big headings. Number one.

Number two. Number three under each one. I’m using a small paragraph.

So it’s direct to the point with some images and proof with some emojis. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

Anyone can read it and get the idea out of it. Of course, it’s valuable.

But I’m talking about the style of the post. Make it simple to the point and clean.

So in short if you want you can work and deal with the medium as a social network where people are posting and you need to attract them to your posts and articles, for example, look how medium, to recommend some articles like YouTube suggestions.

So look at people and how they write articles.

How to get 100,000 profile visits in a month on Twitter eight must have legal extensions.

So you need to use titles to increase the click-through rate.

So this is about medium and how to strike pictures and post on medium.

And by the way, if you need a free ai writer to help you write articles and posts, you can go to eight super tools a

It’s totally free tool to use.

But make sure please listen carefully, and make sure to use this as a writing assistant not generate copy and paste.

It will not work. If you are stuck to create an introduction.

If you are stuck in a statement or something, you can use the ai to help you continue and write your paragraphs but don’t rely on it.

So it’s about medium. Let’s now move on to step number nine.

Now it’s time to promote your affiliate links inside your medium posts. But please be careful and listen very well.

Don’t overuse freak links and spam them here and there. We don’t need that. Look at my example.

So if you open this article, for example, here on my blog among medium blogs and you go down here, you will see I’m talking about something called cont analysis by phrase using the phrase.

So I’m sharing how I use this tool to get traffic.

It’s called phrase ▪ and I’m sharing this link here. You can see this is an affiliate link. It’s simple.

And the second thing you have to do is add this disclosure at the end.

Some external links in this post are affiliate links. You have to add this also inside your medium posts.

If you have affiliate links of course like in our case so simply add your affiliate links and don’t overuse them.

Don’t spam and add a disclosure and everything will be fine.

And one important thing is if your affiliate program allows you to track your source for example the phrase I will go to phrase.

I would like to show you this.

So here’s my dashboard and the links here you can add your own custom links.

For example this one here you can see it has a sub-id called medium.

So when I want to track my earnings and my clicks on an affiliate program. I can know from which website or from which source I got this

So it’s important to promote to add this sub idea if it’s available of course to know how many clicks you are getting on these links from your medium black posts now in step number 10 which is simply what you have from now on to create 2 to 3 posts on medium on a weekly basis and track your performance, make sure to pick the topics, the right topics that you can promote a free program within and then post on a medium like every other day.

And you can track how many clicks you are getting and your convergence and so on.

So you can optimize based on these analytics.

A small gift also for you, you can go here to link dot me a free link shortening service.

Sign up totally for free. And then you can add your special domain and track your clicks all over the internet totally for free.

So we finished step number 10, and we still have only two steps. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

I hope you’re getting some benefits and everything is clear. Don’t forget I told you any questions.

Anything I’ll be waiting for you in the comments section below. Step number 11 is to build your email list.

This is very important. Whatever you are doing online.

Building an email list is at the top list of promoting and building and growing your online business.

And what’s nice about the medium, it allows you to build an email list for free and do email marketing for free.

For example, if you go into my stats and go to audience stats, you will see How many followers, and how many email subscribers I have on medium.

And you can also click on view details to see those people and see those emails and also you can export this list and go here to any email marketing software like for example convert kit which you can start also for free and you can import those emails subscribers into your own platform and do your own email marketing.

This is very important. So, step number 11 is to build your email list and start with email marketing.

We are done. We still have the last step which is scaling to reach $1000 as I told you if you follow all these steps and like 3 to 6 months you will reach around $500 a month.

But what if you want to scale this to reach 1000 or 2000 we will see this in step number 12.

But before that, I want to share with you all the resources I mentioned everything the tools three pdf, and Everything I mentioned in this video.

So to get this totally for free, simply open this link, ▪ y dot me slash zero dash affiliate and you’ll get all the resources totally fall free. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

Now it’s time to step number 12 which is scaling to $1000 a month. Please take notes.

So when you reach a step where you are doing around 300 to $500 you need to apply these strategies to scale up to $1000 per month and more and build a stable online business.

So how to do it number one is to repurpose the same medium posts on other platforms for exams.

We can create a core space ▪ to create space and repurpose the same post inside your space here to get more traction, and more traffic from cora to reach other audiences.

Also can create a special version for social media.

For example, I create many versions of my posts on social media like this one here on LinkedIn on Twitter Instagram on Facebook, and publish them everywhere.

So repurposing your content on different platforms will help you grow and get more traffic and reach more people over the internet.

Number two is to scale your blog with your own dedicated blog.

You know, I have a dedicated you’re following me, this is my own blog.

So again, you can repurpose the same post with long-form post content and grow with SEO. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

So here in your own blog posts, you can optimize for SEO, you can treat the titles, the content, and so on to grow and reach more people with organic traffic from google.

And number three is simply joining more athlete programs and promoting more athlete programs so we can build multiple income streams from different programs.

For example, here I’m promoting phrases like this Jasper, this is to the body, and so on. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

I promote may be more than 14 affiliate programs in my own niche by digital marketing niche. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

So this we can establish multiple income streams from different programs and number four and I think it’s one of the best ways to scale you’re afraid marketing strategy is to start a Youtube channel.

It’s also almost free. You can start from home recording videos and you don’t need to show your face if you don’t want, you can create tutorials using temptations videos.

I do and publish them on Youtube and you can use the power of video.

S Ceo to rank your videos.

If you now go to Youtube for example and search for the ski would get free traffic.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

So with the power of video sc Oh, you can get a lot of traffic from Youtube search results.

Maybe I’m wondering now how I can do the same and drank my videos on top of Youtube simply.

You can check out this video here will explain in detail. affiliate

Step by step, how to rank your videos and get three organic views from Youtube and promote three products on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Have any questions? Anything I’ll be waiting for you in the comments section below

every single month I make some place in the scope of 75,000 to $90,000 with an accomplice promoting using free traffic.

Furthermore, I feel like this game plan is from a genuine perspective for everyone.

Since you shouldn’t mess around with a site for this, you don’t need to make a thing. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

You shouldn’t worry about any money to start and it gives you a versatile generally speaking setting.

So you can work on this business whenever you really want to and from any spot you want.

So with that being undeniably said, partner advancing is from a genuine perspective the least difficult way that you can start to get cash online with no previous experience. How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step

I’m Dave Scratch. Furthermore, in this video, I will let you know the most effective way to get cash with branch-off advancing as an all-out juvenile in 2020 using simply free traffic. affiliate

So in case that is something you’re enthused about, attempt to get involved with this feed with alerts on.

Besides, let us start with a full one small step at a time informative activity. As of now, we ought to talk about what auxiliary promoting is as a matter of fact.

Branch-off exhibiting infers being paid level commission whenever you influence a sail on a particular site.

So for example, some association is selling a canine groundwork for $1000 each and they’re giving half commission on each arrangement, Get an accomplice interface.

You will find people who could require canine planning, maybe a few canine owners.

Likewise, whenever someone buys that canine arrangement through your association, you will obtain a $500 benefit.

This present circumstance makes it ideal for learners. Since you don’t need to make your own site.

You don’t need to make an arrangements page. You don’t need to make your own thing or organization.

Then convey that thing or organization.

You don’t need to do client help and the aggregate of that hard and depleting stuff.

However, you ought to just impart your auxiliary association with others and acquire cash whenever someone buys through you.

And before we get to how I truly make more than $3000 a day in repeating, mechanized income with accomplice advancing, we ought to examine step number one, which is picking the right branch-off offer.

You see concerning picking the right proposition for part displaying, a lot of people will offer you a direction that you should head with something that you’re enthusiastic about, which I genuinely accept you’re stupid and it doesn’t work since there are obviously a couple of strengths that stop by further developed results and more arrangements.

Furthermore, there are in like manner a couple of fortes that get essentially less income.

So you could be vivacious about workmanship, but accept there is no good accomplice program associated with craftsmanship or you can’t find someone to get some branch-off program in the workmanship forte.

It’s hard to sell. Then it will be done to go with something that you’re vigorous about.

So taking everything into account, coming up next are a few partner-advancing claims to fame that are truly hot and produce shocking results, especially at this point forte.

Number one is a lifestyle strength. This is everything associated with development, lavishness enhancements, and plan claim to fame.

Number two is the cash forte. This is all that is associated with stocks taking care of and cash. Number three is tech claim to fame.

This is all that is associated with web working and programming. Number four is cooking strength.

This is everything associated with planning and food.

Also, by and by we furthermore have the specialty of crypto N. F. T. S and everything around meta wears.

Additionally, when you choose your specialty from these five hot strengths that I just gave you, you will keep on venturing into number two.

Step number two is to pick the right branch-off offer.

Besides, to pick the right partner recommendation, you can either pick some auxiliary association part business focus like snap bank site restored 24 site accessory stack site.

Then again you can essentially go to learn about the search for your specialty notwithstanding add accomplice program expression.

Regardless, if you decide to propel some proposition in the tech forte.

So you decided to go with the tech forte and you really want to propel some item as an assistant, then you can go to your accessory stack site and go to their business community and when you approach accessories mark site cut business place, you can click and examine the business community and that will show you different gadgets that you can progress as a part.

For example, this one will pay you $50 for each new client.

This one will pay you an ordinary $12,000 commission per deal.

This one will pay you a $25 commission.

This one will pay you 30% commission, 30% here, 20% up to $500 per reference, and significantly more.

So as might be self-evident, this enormous number of different offers will pay you different proportions of money.

You will basically pick some classes from the left-hand side, and select some forte. For example, virtual diversion.

What’s more, a while later assume you really want to propel this recommendation or study the arrangement.

You’re going to tap on it and it’s generally going to show you a couple of experiences concerning the part program.

For this present circumstance, you can find that they will pay you either with people or stripe.

However, if none of those are open in your country, they genuinely have elective methodologies moreover.

To get your part interface, all you will do is press, apply for the program, and a while later join as an accomplice.

To pick some novel claim to fame, then, at that point, you can similarly go through the restored 24 sites and thereafter click start as of now it’s permitted to join and a while later you can make a record in less than 60 seconds.

At the point when you make a record here on the left-hand side, you will be prepared to peruse different cat stories and fortes.

Then, you will basically pick your ideal arrangement to focus on.

Track down your ideal thing to progress and basically, press propels.

And once you do that, they will make an entire part interface for you that you can copy with a solitary tick of a button.

By and by since your auxiliary association will likely look obfuscated and long you really want to make it fairly truly captivating and intelligent.

That is your specialty. You can essentially go through forcefully or be spot L. Y.

Stick it in this carton and snap the contract. As of now, your part association will look simple and easy step number four.

Getting free traffic for your part joins. You can finally get cash with auxiliary displaying.

You see when you get some data about how you should truly propel your auxiliary associations, by far most people regard that you should run Facebook ads, google advancements or another paid traffic and you should consume countless dollars on that paid traffic.

Besides, I really accept that is a nitwit because there are essentially better approaches to driving traffic in vain and getting significantly more income rather than wasting cash on paid advancements, I will let you know the most effective way to get free traffic and acquire substantially more.

So the really free traffic that I most definitely use is my unknown youth automation channels.

This on a very basic level infers they run the Youtube channels where I’m not showing my face and I’m not recording any accounts.

A piece of the examples of youth motorization channels would be the most lavish, where they examine luxury and money and according to social way, they’re getting 4,000,000 views every single month and they’re furthermore making more than $17,000 a month in other pay, like a cherry on the top.

So you see the grandness of youth, is that notwithstanding the way that you drive free traffic from can Youtube itself, by then youtube will in like manner pay you toward the month’s end dependent upon the number of viewpoints you get.

So as opposed to you consuming money on traffic, you’re truly being paid to guide individuals to your accomplice joins.

Furthermore, to become familiar with robotization toward the finish of the video, I will connect you to my totally free Youtube computerization course that I made a month prior.

It’s totally new. It’s new. Furthermore, by and by, it’s totally free.

It’s really accessible on this Youtube channel, yet I will connect toward the finish of this video in any case, here’s another model that is significantly simpler to reproduce than the wealth.

They’re essentially re-posting another person’s Tiktok recordings and they were pulling a huge number of perspectives.

And afterward, since Youtube shorts don’t have their portrayal box, they are advancing various things through their local area fab and they’re making somewhere in the range of 500 to $1000 each and every day.

What’s more, you can see that they really got everything rolling one year prior.

So in a couple of months, they went from having $0 to making more than $500 each and every day.

Furthermore, if you need to utilize a similar traffic source as them, then, at that point, simply complete the accompanying advances.

Most importantly go to counterfeit talk and discover some cool videos that duplicate the video connect by squeezing this button, go through the snap tech website, a place that thick dim connection in this case, and download a video with a single tick over.

In any case, presently re-transfer in the event that you’re a new channel and credit the proprietor of the video either in the title or the depiction box since this whole cycle takes something like a solitary moment, you can rehash this activity and get no less than 5 15 recordings re transferred each and every day.

The more you make it happen, the higher possibility of a portion of those recordings or becoming a web sensation, you get a ton of perspectives which you can then change over in satisfying business step number six is to, at last, begin your member connect to advance the partner connect on your new youth computerization channel.

You should simply make a local area present with an approach activity and your offshoot connect included.

Also, truly this technique that I just showed is genuinely simple and basic.

However, it’s not quite so powerful as though you had a typical youth robotization channel since, supposing that you’re super pulling some irregular substance, it will be difficult for you to attempt designated individuals who might be keen on purchasing a particular item.

However, assuming that you post designated content, suppose you make recordings about extravagance watches, and afterward, in one of those recordings, you advance extravagance watches with a member connect.

Then, at that point, there is a high opportunity that many individuals will really click that connection and buy a portion of those watches so you can bring in cash with member promoting.

What’s more, that is very the way in which I’m specifically advancing my subsidiary connections with my Youtube

And in that Tiktok, I basically went through my whole ▪ Journey and where I started from such a young age, and by the age of 18 I had already made over $300,000 through affiliate marketing.

So in today’s video, I’m going to run over exactly what actually helped me achieve reach that milestone and all the tools and resources I didn’t use.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ So what I’m telling you guys is gonna be top secret.

So make sure you watch this video right until the end and don’t skip out on any part.

And hopefully, by the end of this video, you guys will be able to do the exact same.

So if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel now is your chance.

I’m gonna try and upload two times every single week for you guys and please like all right.

So this is the exact website that I did in fact used to go ahead and generate $4 million.

But as you can see this is called C. P a build dot com.

Now, initially looking, you can tell that I haven’t touched this account in over two years, but basically, it’s like any other platform.

You have to click the leads, the earnings, and the ▪ and that is basically just how much you’re getting paid on average per lead.

So basically the higher the obviously the better and here we have regarded the analytics that I do in fact have for my sePA build account generated $242,000.

Just from leeds alone and an additional almost 10,000 from referral earnings.

Basically, people have joined through my link and have made money on C. P. A.

And entitled is $251,000. And as you can see it says miners because it’s been paid up to my account through payment.

So basically if you wanna get paid over on here all you have to do is they require you to set up your Paypal.

And basically what they’ll do is they’ll pay you every Tuesday.

Now before I go into much detail on how we’re going to start making money with affiliate marketing.

I definitely do want to go over what affiliate marketing actually is To affiliate marketing is essentially a marketing arrangement in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit sign-up for sale they generate for their merchant’s arrangement and ask businesses to outsource part of the sales process.

So affiliate marketing is very crucial with most businesses and most businesses do in fact have it there is a lot of money to be made in this for me it’s just a complete side hustle that ended up making a quarter of a million dollars in just one year.

So how this does in fact work is obviously creating an account on C. P. A build, you have to register with your email, and then you get accepted I think like two hours after registering.

So basically what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to click on offers over here, click offers, select all offers and then go ahead and bring up loads of offers which people are going to actually go ahead and do, which generates you a lead.

Now you can see down, we’re just looking at the offers under the payout.

This is how much you will receive per person if they do a lead.

So obviously you’ve got $20 ones which are quite high and if we scroll down it goes down to the $1 ones which are also very common.

Obviously, they do in fact, adults.

So what you can then do is where it says link, you can then get a link which then copies the link right here which you then can promote to the people and I’m going to show exactly how you can promote this and go ahead and make a lot of money.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Alright, so right now I’ve just got an example on my screen and the platform that you guys are gonna go ahead and promote this on is in fact Tiktok now obviously don’t get me wrong, you can use Instagram youtube or even Facebook but Tiktok is the easiest to reach out an audience and generate it to your affiliate link.

So I’ve just got an example on the screen right now, there are loads of examples that I didn’t exactly go down this niche, but on quickly looking, this is what I found.

So you can see this guy that blows Fortnite content on his Tiktok account and in his bio, he has a reward system that is definitely linked to CPF and I go ahead and open that up.

You can see you can claim this.

Now there are loads of options to do and I wouldn’t recommend going down this path of the free robots or free V bucks niche definitely wouldn’t.

So just looking at what this guy does.

Obviously, it’s not 100% legit and I wouldn’t, again, I wouldn’t recommend going down this niche particularly, but that’s just one example of how you can promote it.

And I am going to advise doing it on Tiktok uploading multiple times per day.

I’m talking three or four votes per day every single day and you’re bound to hit the for you page very very quickly within the first few days.

But now I’ve got CPA to build out the way I want to move on to other ways that you can make money for affiliate marketing and different platforms and different marketing strategies.

Alright guys, so now in fact I do want to go ahead and show you guys a strategy that helped me make over four figures every single month just from my phone.

So these are for the people who don’t necessarily have all the equipment that they need or simply just don’t want to go down the CPA room and all you need for this ▪ is well your mobile device Now I guess you can call this strategy wifi money.

And now what I mean by that is you can literally just run it on your phone and in the world today, this is what it’s come to your literally able to make money from the thing that you use every single day for the most common thing.

And this is in fact the app that has made me a lot of money for affiliate marketing.

So the main design and reason and purpose for the pole is basically to get paid for doing surveys, which is cool.

Don’t get me wrong. But there’s also a referral system on the app now that will give you 20 P.

For every time someone signs off under your code. Now I know what you’re thinking.

Jacob 20 P is not a lot. You know, that’s not a big lead.

We’ve just seen like $20 leads over on CPA. Why is 20 P going to be worth anything?

Well, I’m going to show you guys exactly why right now.

So my account doesn’t have many surveys at the minute.

But as you can probably see, I don’t know if it’s focusing but you basically get paid money for doing surveys over on the app.

I’m not only doing you get 20 P.

For every person that signs up under your referral code but you also get a percentage of how much they earn on that app.

Now I want you guys to be able to see this right now.

I have over 11,000 friends on at a pole and I’ve made 1.8000 this year and I haven’t done it since 2018.

So if we’re talking about passive money this is going to be the app for it. You get 20 P.

For each friend that signs up under your code. Your friend also gets 40 P.

If you sign up under their code and you get an extra 10% of their earnings from them doing a survey.

And put it this way I’ve made almost 2000 GDP this year and I haven’t touched it in ages just from having friends who have the app.

I’m gonna help you guys out quickly if you are downloading data paul, make sure to use this code on the screen.

J. F. S. B. It will give you an extra 40 P.

When signing up and obviously it will help me make some more passive money ▪ ▪ also they make it really easy to withdraw your money and you can just do it straight to PayPal exactly like C. P. A.

And now I’m gonna get on how you guys can actually promote this to bring traffic to their app.

So what you guys need to do for this strategy to go ahead and work is you need to make multiple accounts.

▪ Now. I’m going to keep on mentioning Tiktok in this video because it is literally free promotion.

So I’m gonna give you guys an example, I’ve seen people doing what I’ve done in the past to go ahead and generate people to this app to download it and start making money and help start making me money as well.

So it is simple as this ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ literally as simple as that.

So if you’re uploading, I don’t know, like six videos on like 56 accounts every single day, you’re going to be almost guaranteeing yourself at least an extra £100 a week.

Now I do want to make a video in the future, that goes more in-depth on affiliate marketing.

But this is basically just a short video and a quick video and how you can actually start making money with affiliate marketing.

I’ve gone through this video, I’ve done it, and how you guys can do it.

It will mean a lot to me guys.

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