How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog - Step by Step! -

How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog – Step by Step!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about starting your own WordPress website like mine, including the hosting companies I use and the theme I use. In addition, I’ll give away more than five prizes in this video. So, if you want to join us, stay tuned until the end of the video. Greetings everybody.If you enjoy watching videos about digital marketing, online business, and earning money online.

If you want to participate in the giveaways with us, all you need to do is watch the entire video and comment on the statements I make in it, such as “Giveaway” “Video Title,” and so on.

Therefore, I will simply demonstrate to you, step by step, how to construct a website similar to mine today.

Now, just a minute before we begin, it is crucial to understand that whenever you wish to publish a website online, you wish to begin a website online. Web hosting is something you need. Beginners only have 30 seconds. Some of you might not be aware of what web hosting is. Therefore, the basic idea is that you need to either create a web hosting server or simply download the website files, such as WordPress files, and upload them to a public server. Therefore, the website can be accessible to the public online. That is straightforward.

Thus, hosting a website means hosting it on a public server. Therefore, whenever you intend to launch a website, you must consider web hosting. Okay. There are now two primary choices when selecting a web hosting service or company: VPs server and VPS.can host your own website on your own server in this manner. As a result, you can get full control, better performance, and prices that are almost cheaper. Alternatively, you can choose shared hosting from companies like SiteGround, BlueHost, HostGator, or another name for it.

hosting shared As a result, other websites hosted on the same server will share your website. ▪ Okay.

Presently, assuming you are following me previously, you know, I don’t lean toward shared facilitating. I lean toward going with a VPS facilitating. You publish your website on your very own server. Maybe you’re telling me that it’s complicated now. I’m a geek, among other things. You will now see how to publish your own server anywhere in just two minutes. In this video, you have the option of using a VPS server or a shirt hosting company. I’ll use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) server from Digital Ocean. Okay, but you don’t have to use Digital Ocean at all. You decide, and we’re here to help you more.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to host on the Khan Tabu VPS server. How to use content to host WordPress.Therefore, you can begin with a €3.99 per month VPS servant if you visit containing VPS now. And that is a serious request. Four gigabytes of RAM, 300 gigabytes of boosted RAM, and so on are visible. Therefore, if you’re interested, it’s also a great option to go with you. You can now view a comprehensive guide on how to install WordPress on contact VPs without a C panel on my blog.

You are free to work with this individual to install WordPress; you can select any shared hosting service or controllable Digital Ocean.

In this video, you can do anything. I’ll take Digital Ocean with me to demonstrate that. Hosting a WordPress website on a virtual private server really only takes a few minutes. Therefore, let’s get started and, by the way, set up WordPress on Digital Ocean.WordPress is merely software that makes it simple to set up a website. This is just for beginners who don’t know what it is. You can set up a website in one minute, as you will see now. So it’s a CMS framework or content administration framework and my site teaches blog and my principal site is working with WordPress. This bar is the World press bar, as you can see here. WordPress is apparent.

Therefore, let’s begin by acquiring VPS servers from Digital Ocean to install WordPress on this platform.

Digital Ocean dot com is where I am. Additionally, a link to a free one-month trial of Digital Ocean can be found in the description that follows.

Therefore, you can go absolutely free of charge if you want to learn, train, or test something. If you want to use GPS on Digital Ocean, click the link below, sign in, and continue with me.

If you are not, the following description contains links to content and other services. Anyway, I’m in Digital Ocean now, and I’m going to create a new server by selecting droplet and clicking create. A server is a droplet. It is merely a name.

Therefore, in the image, you are going to go to the marketplace and then simply search here for the world press.

You can find it here. Simply press that button, and you’ll see that WordPress has been selected. Let’s descend, and I’ll use a $10 machine. It is sufficient for an excellent server.o down and pick a place. Anything you want. I’ll use London as an example right now; you can choose any location.o down and set a secret key, a root secret word for your server. Therefore, I will change my password. It’s lovely. Simply click on “create droplet” as you descend. That’s easy.

You will now have a server with WordPress installed in 30 seconds. Nothing needs to be configured on your end. You can see that things are really easy. Simply wait a moment. Good friends!o now that our server is set up, you just need to set up the domain. We have an IP address here, as you can see. This is the interesting IP address of the server that you can access. However, you will undoubtedly not use a number to access your website. You must acquire a domain name.

Therefore, in my case, I already have some domains that I can test, such as, which I will use for this video.

Therefore, you need to buy a domain if you do not already have one. You can begin with perhaps $2 or $10 per year. You can choose a cheap Godaddy name for Google domains. We have numerous businesses.

s a result, my website’s name is my domain name. Therefore, in order to access the website using a name rather than a number, I will simply open the DNS management zone to map this domain to my server. That’s easy. Therefore, let’s return to Digital Ocean. I’ll simply copy this. In the event that you can see it duplicate, click on this little button duplicate return to Godaddy, and essentially now I will alter the initial a record and set ▪ to this I. P address, click on save and we are right here. This was pointed to by our domain. I. P. There is no need to wait more than five minutes, ten minutes, or even twenty-four hours for the mapping, DNS migration, and so on, to finish. Anyway, I’ll test again after I post the video for about five minutes and then get back to you.

Okay, friends. Now, open a new tab and visit a website called pink dot E U to see if the mapping was successful. To test, the domain is mapped here. The pink tool is contained within, allowing us to ping the domain name.

The domain name will be entered here.

You can now see that it is responding from this IP address when I enter this capture B g t p and click on go. This is our server’s IP address, as you can see. Thus, the mapping is finished. It’s so easy. Therefore, we now have the server and the domain map to our server, and we are able to begin building our website. You can see how simple everything is. Therefore, all I’m going to do now is click on this server; we need to finish the server setup because if you’re here now, you’ve already gone to h educate dot org. Sorry, please open it. It will instruct you to finish installing WordPress. That is fine.

Therefore, he only clicked on this console.

One nice feature of Digital Ocean is that you can control and inspect the console from the web interface. Therefore, select the console, and we will complete the setup in about 30 seconds. I will now say that root must enter the server’s password to log in. It’s lovely. It will prompt you to enter the domain name now that we are here. My website’s domain name is That is straightforward what is my email address? I’m going to put in my email address.

Okay, the user name admin and the password for the water press are as follows:

They must be entered here.

So enter a strong password, and I’ll tell you to educate the blog, test anything, and provide accurate information. That’s all there is to it: explain why you answered “yes.” What’s nice now? Additionally, Digital Ocean will automatically use let’s encrypt to issue a free SSL certificate to your just a quick note: If you go to my blog on my website now, you’ll see this tiny lock icon. It indicates that the connection is secure. It is crucial to protect the connection between your website visitors and your server.

So this gives some trust and it’s significant likewise for Search engine optimization and positioning your site later in any case so return here to issue a free SSL I will express why here? Yes. It will prompt you to retype your email address. I’ll enter it, okay? Don’t worry; just accept the terms now, and it will tell you if you want to receive emails and other communications. I’d say no because I don’t want to. Which names do you want to be activated? URLs four? I’ll go with one k dot org. Just be patient while we wait for verification.

It is so easy. As you can see, just type y one. That is basic.

If you want to automatically redirect to a secure connection, proceed to the final step. Therefore, the secure version will be available to everyone who visits the acting group website. I’ll say that here and press enters to finish.

Simply wait a few seconds, and the website will be completed.WordPress is now installed on our server. Check out this. I will close the control center at this point. We do not require anything else at this dedicated organization. Complete the installation. You can now see that WordPress has been installed if you just wait a moment. You can see how easy it is. Let’s go to the admin dashboard. I’ll type “WP dash admin” and enter my admin password to log in. Now I’m inside the WordPress dashboard. I think the concept is really easy.

simply in stages. If you continue, you will have WordPress installed on your own server. ▪ Now. This is the look of our WordPress website. Let’s open the website; it appears to be similar to this one. What we really want is to make a site like this one, similar to my blog. Okay, so here’s how to install this theme in a matter of minutes. The only issue with this theme is that it is not free if you visit the theme forest by Cold Canyon or the embattled press themes.

Also, look here for “Brick,” which refers to the brick theme. This is therefore the brick theme.

It was roughly $39. But what makes the brick theme appealing? On Google Test, you can achieve speeds close to 100 percent because it is so easy and quick. In any case, using the brick theme is entirely up to you. The link to purchase it can be found in the description below if you can afford it in the event that you mightn’t you at any point can simply go with a free subject. use a free theme called NEVE E E V E, as I do on my primary website. Let’s open my website.

The straightforward theme is referred to here. In any case, to install a theme on WordPress, simply go to appearance and then click on themes in the dashboard. It’s that easy. If you want my free theme, you can search for free WordPress themes by clicking on the “adding you” button now. You can simply search for “NEve” to see the theme for my primary website. It’s that easy. You can use this theme to install it. In this video, I’ll show you how to install the theme, using my blog’s brick theme to show you how great it will look. You can choose to use a premium theme or the brick theme, as I said, in just one minute.

Alternatively, you can simply visit M vato to the theme in order for us to locate a description and search for any theme that meets your requirements, fits your budget, and fits your preferences.

There are a lot of themes in this indoor press section; you can search for anything you want.

In any case, since I have already purchased this theme, I will proceed to downloads and “Let’s go down” here. Where is the block topic? I’d recommend downloading all files. Simply wait a moment. Go to the download section now. The download show and folder are here. To make things easier, I’ll copy the file to my desktop, extract it, and now we’re here. What’s more, this is the WP Break subject establishment or topic establishment record.

Okay, what you will do now is simply click Upload Theme in WordPress and select a file, then go to your desktop and install my theme there. Now that you know how to do it, you can install anything you want, or you can choose one from WordPress that you are familiar with and install it directly from WordPress.

Okay, let’s now allow the theme to be installed for about ten seconds. Exceptionally decent. I’ll turn it on right now. The theme was successfully installed, and activated, and looks great. ter that, a small wizard for setting up your website will appear; click Start, and the child theme installation instructions will appear. Okay, install; you can see how simple things are.

Just a few clicks and a few words to enter the email, my email, and the code that the inventor of Porsche created. Therefore, I will return to court with downloads; I will download my license; you will find it if you go down here; I will then copy it, and paste it here, and my invitation to user name will be activated in a straightforward manner.

Now, let’s install the plug automatically; click install, and everything will be done for you.

The brick theme now has a demo content section, which makes it easy to import posts from years past and see how they will look professionally in about a minute. Therefore, import everything, import, and wait a moment. I’ll upload the video and get back to you as soon as this import process is complete. You can see that everything is working out well; click on it, go to the dashboard, and let’s refresh my website to see how great it looks now. You can see that you are now a blogger and have a website like my blog with this menu section and examples of content.

Everything is editable. I’ll show you this right now, which is the demonstration post. Anything can be deleted or edited. Thus, everything is set up for you in a matter of minutes. It seems so easy to me. On a VPS server, you now have a powerful WordPress website that is fully manageable, performs well, and requires other WordPress websites to be installed. Please don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you have any comments or questions. I will be here pretty much consistently to help you. Therefore, let’s return here. Now that I’m in my WordPress dashboard, I want to show you how to set up the most important things you need to know about WordPress.

Now, if you would like to include a post similar to this one, an article. I mean, simply browse the posts here.

And now, let’s open a post to see what’s there. You’ll be able to see all of the articles that have been posted, as well as the featured images. You can click on any of these to make changes to them or simply click on “Add” to make a new post. That’s it. You can also begin writing your article here, with the title “How to Make Money Online and Sorry” serving as an example. Okay, that’s easy. Here’s an illustration from my blog. Just to show you this from my blog, I’ll go to my dashboard here. I’ll visit posts up and post all of them.

Let’s edit this one here. As you can see, the post’s title and content are now here.I jotted down my articles with images like this here. It’s so easy. Just tried, adding images and other things. Also, don’t forget to add the image that will be featured at the top of your blog.t is visible, like this one here. This is the image that is featured, featured, and featured. So that’s easy. Post editing and new post creation are now available.

If you want to create a privacy policy page similar to this one, the second step is to create one.

If you scroll down on my main website, you’ll find a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and information about us. Page, for instance, the About Us page. Therefore, I am not opposed to this article’s page. It’s a page with contact information or other information. Thus, we have the contact page. Let’s go back if you want to create pages. Now you’re here.wo pages rather than posts, and then select Add New Page. the same thoughts. Simply put. You will now enter the page’s title and content here. That is all. Regardless, this concerns posts and pages.

You can see the menu—it’s a demo menu—and learn how to edit it here. To edit this, go to Appearance, then two menus. Here, you can see the entire menu. You can open it and remove it by dragging and dropping it in the same way. Move on to other things, get rid of them, or do whatever you want. You are free to add as many posts or pages as you like from this location. By dragging and dropping these links and managing them directly within this page, you can easily design the menu. You can remove them all and create your own menu on this page, which I believe is so simple.

So this is about the menu.

The last thing I want to talk about is how important it is to edit Perma links by going to the settings section here.

You are l setting just to go here and say to post a name so that your other work will look nice, without using numbers or ideas or anything else.

Just said it, and now click. changes now if you want to configure comments, edit the site name, or edit the email. If you want to edit the comments, go to general options here. To learn how things work, simply navigate to this location and peruse the options. WordPress is so simple to use, and I just launched my WordPress course today. If you go to my academy right now, you can see my new WordPress course, “Build our Press Blog in No Time,” which costs $79 but is only available for a limited time because it is the first week of the launch.

It will only cost $9.99, which is fine for just seven days.

In order to further assist you, I will also host a giveaway in this video if you are interested in purchasing the entire course, which covers everything in detail, includes premium support, and so on.I will provide this free course to five of you, not one. Therefore, please proceed to the comments section and state that I am participating in the giveaway for the between brackets war press course; this is essential for enrolling in the giveaway.

Okay, I’ll pick five. As a result, in this video, you have a great chance of winning.

Make sure to like my channel and subscribe to it. Let’s go back to my website anyway. As a result, here is my WordPress website. I think the concept is simple in some way. talked about hosting, installing WordPress on a VPS server, installing a theme, creating a post, and creating a page.I believe that a premium course is not required for these other fundamentals; however, if you would prefer to proceed step by step and receive premium support, you can purchase my premium course. You can do it. Okay, so this involves establishing our press website. Like, educate now, getting traffic to websites, monetizing them, and making money from them are the most common assist you. I put together two video

.Number one is obtaining free and rapid website traffic. After you have launched your website, go ahead and check it. Every day, you could see hundreds of thousands of new visitors. Go ahead and watch the video to begin utilizing my seven methods for free traffic. Making money from your website and monetizing it is number two.

Additionally, I produced a comprehensive video demonstrating the five primary strategies.

Five possible methods to begin earning money online from your website

So, in this way, I covered almost everything you need to know about setting up your website, getting traffic, and making money from it.

I hope you liked watching the video. I want to believe that you got some advantages.

As I always say, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

I really look at them consistently.

Remain tuned and find in the impending recordings ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

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