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How To Get More Views On Get 100,000 Views On Medium will give you the best information that How To Get More Views On Get 100,000 Views On Medium. So if you are struggling and increasing your views on medium, and your engagement rates, you want to grow your blog on medium dot com a little bit more. Get more views more exposure, more likes, and claps. This is the perfect video for you. I’m not gonna make it too long. ME gonna cut straight to the will give you the best information that How To Get More Views On Get 100,000 Views On Medium

I’m gonna get right to the point. medium .com

We want to learn how can we increase the retention rate and the reading rate. Media, how to increase engagement overall views and. I have blogs that accumulated over 30,000 views in a span of 6-8 months and it was all organic.

I was able to do that using the systems. I’m going to discuss in this video as well as the systems that we discussed in the first part.

Um and if you’re interested in seeing that video, you haven’t seen it yet.

The link is gonna pop up somewhere on the screen or you can find it in the description below.

But before we get to the Chase, I want you guys to know that ▪ in the first video. I shared a lot of tools that you can use to promote your content and a lot of people were using those and they’re finding a lot of success.

But then it wasn’t sustainable. When I was reading a lot of the articles. I noticed that what people were missing is a proper blog structure.

They’re missing the cover image that grabs people’s attention. Are you missing the hook that’s gonna grab people’s attention?

They’re missing a lot of things that are going to stimulate this urge and this excitement, this dopamine rush in their reader system that would entice them to get involved and get engaged with the content.

That the reading, one of the first things that we want to take a deeper look at is the median algorithm ▪ just like any other social platform medium has an algorithm on Instagram.

There’s a certain ratio of people who saw the post, how many people liked how many people saved it, and How many people commented.

And that ratio will tell the ai of. Instagram what content actually can be popular or is trending or would get a lot of light and a lot of attention and then the system will start pushing that content and this eventually can go viral.

The same thing goes for medium. There are systems put in place, There are algorithms that people can use and leverage for their content to show up in front of more people get more views, more engagement etcetera.

So the way the medium algorithm works is very similar to any other platform.

There is a certain number of people who are going to see the headline of your blog.

▪ What’s the percentage of people that are going to click on it? How enticing is the headline?

That’s why the title is important. Using a title that strikes people’s attention is important.

I’m gonna give you a quick random example, let’s say I’m making a blog about five ways to get rid of procrastination and the title can be five ways you can use to reduce your procrastination.

▪ Another one can be five alarming signals that your procrastination is eating away your life ▪ dash and you can’t even notice it.

Something similar to that. Just when you look at the difference between both headlines, one of them grabs attention.

One of them demands immediate action. The other doesn’t right?

So that’s the first thing when you have an enticing headline or title, that’s when people will start engaging a lot of people will start clicking on it and then the ratio of people clicking on the title, to begin with, not necessarily reading the blog, but this starts to go up so you’re going up in the medium algorithm.

You have a higher chance of them showing this blog to more people.

▪ The second thing is the actual blog cover a lot of times when people go on the blog, the first thing that they’re gonna look at is not the text is not the headline.

They all read that it’s the cover image.

They’re gonna look at the cover image in more detail because in all mediums when it’s featured, the cover image is very tight. I like to use images that also grab people’s attention.

They command people’s attention. A very good example to take a look at is news channels.

The way that the news channels start and how they start the highlights with the most dramatic events they do that to grab people’s attention.

So the imagery and content that we use at the beginning of the blog, that’s what determines if people are gonna read throughout the rest of it or not.

You can have the most immaculate, most perfect body of a blog you’ve ever written in your life that anybody has ever seen ever in their life.

But you have a title and a cover image and an introduction that are not enticing ▪ the article is not gonna go anywhere.

The blog is not gonna perform that well the reason being is because people’s attention span is a lot shorter.

▪ ▪ You have about 4-12 seconds to make a first impression.

Within 4-12 seconds, people decide ▪ whether this is something that they want to read or not.

▪ This is why the headline ▪ then the cover image and some of the images, some examples are gonna pop up on the screen next to me um to kind of show you some of the cover images that I’ve used and as soon as you see them, you can see how those would grab people’s attention.

▪ Picture ▪ a ▪ A Marvel magazine back in 1980 that was best-selling.

The cover image looked wicked, right? Imagine newspapers and journals that went to get a lot of sales.

On the front page of the newspaper, there was always a big picture and a big title with a big highlight that emphasizes the most dramatic events that the journal is covering for the magazine is going through.

The same thing, you want to use an image that slaps you want to use an image that domains attention.

You want to use an image that stimulates curiosity.

Maybe you have a picture of, let’s say you’re making a blog and interviewing two entrepreneurs, right?

▪ ▪ You put the cover image as their photo, but you blur their energies if you just blur their images for no freaking reason, ▪ ▪ people are more curious, they’re like, why are these people’s faces blurred?

They read the title, It’s enticing, Let me read. Who are these people?

People are curious, People are driven by curiosity. That’s the main thing that stimulates dopamine inside their system.

That’s why they say ▪ When you reach your goal, you’re not motivated anymore, motivation comes in within the journey, right?

And the same thing to people, you need to keep them curious, you need to get them excited as to what is coming up next in order to really grab their attention and once you grab their attention within the first 4 to 12 seconds and they start reading then it depends on how good the blog is, all this and we’re gonna get to that towards the end of the video.

But what’s most important is that, keep in mind those 1st 4-12 seconds, the headline, the cover image, and the introduction.

They need to be very powerful. YOU need to demand attention. They need to raise curiosity.

They need to, they need to make people feel stupid if they don’t read more or make people feel as if they’re going to miss out on something very important.

If they don’t continue reading ▪ once you do that automatically, the engagement rate is gonna go up and it’s gonna work towards your favor with the medium algorithm and your videos are gonna start your blog.

Sorry, are gonna start getting mixed up with you to get more engagements and more views, and more claps. I’m gonna show you some examples later on toward mid-video.

Overall zoom to kind of show you the stats of some of the blogs and how the ones were. I used a title that simulates curiosity as well as the cover image.

The introduction was good and all that.

How those performed a lot better than other blogs, where. I did some of my best-performing articles are articles that got curated by the medium.

Actually, I sent it to the curating team, and. I’m not sure what the process itself is called, but the blog becomes curated and the medium would push more traffic on it.

Now. One of the main things that obstacles that I saw people running into were when. I was reading some of the blogs is and people are making some spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

And this can be easily solved by Graham early. You can get Graham early for free.

I’m gonna put a link in the description below.

You can get it for free and you will not need anybody to proofread your content.

You will make sure that your content is properly set up.

Because when the medium team is going through an article, even if it’s again the most amazing article they’ve ever read in their life, If they notice that there’s a grammar mistake, they’re not gonna push this content to become curated because it looks so bad on their end that they are pushing curated content for medium dot com that has grammar mistakes and spelling issues, you know, so based on that, you want to make sure that dispelling the grammar everything is good.

And this can easily be solved using Graham early or you can go on Fiverr dot com higher proof future.

It’s really not that expensive. But just make sure that your content has been proofread and everything is good in terms of grammar spelling structure number three.

Once you release your blog and it’s good and used. Submit it to see if the medium is going to pick it as a curator of the blog, you want to submit it to as many publications as possible.

It’s free. It takes literally 30 seconds and it will help you a lot if you’re content gets published in other publications.

One of my best blogs that you’re gonna see on the screen right now.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s Related to the brain capacity. Do we only use 10% of our brain capacity?

And this I submitted this to back then. It was called the startup.

Um publishing right now, I think it’s called something different. We’re gonna check it in the video in a second.

But this video performed so well just because it was featured in this publication.

So that being said, it doesn’t cost a dime.

It costs 30 seconds for you to go in and check all the different publications within the. Categories from which you’re reading the blog, pick some of those, send the blog to them, and see if they would add it to their publication.

If you actually write something enticing and that’s the purpose of this video.

If you actually write something enticing and that’s the purpose of this video is to help you write. Enticing content, then a lot of those publications would actually want to feature. Your content will also bring them more retention and more views, and more fans.

So it’s a win-win strategy.

The only thing you need is to make sure that your confidence is good. Enough to cross that border and start becoming curated, becoming featured in different publications.

And then the traction of people reading it will help push it to get more views and more engagement.

Now, for the second section of this video where we’re gonna talk about how to structure your blog will give you best information tha How To Get More Views On Get 100,000 Views On Medium

We’re gonna be transitioning to the screen back there already.

So now getting a bit more to the technical side of things. I wanted to share one of my best blogs as a good example for you guys to see. I meant everything I said.

Now first you can notice that the title do we only use 10% of our brain capacity with a mind-blown emoji. This title and then all of itself would grab people’s attention.

If you’re scrolling and somebody on Instagram says today. We’re gonna talk about whether or not we only use 10% of our brain capacity boom, enticing.

You’re like, Oh do we or do we not? And you want to know a little bit more.

And then the mind-blowing Emoji that kind of shows them that. Whatever they’re gonna read is going to be mind-blowing and shocking.

And then the cover image, oh my God, the ladies freaking out.

It’s like, okay, what are we about to find out in this article?

This just raises their level of curiosity to a whole different level.

And that’s exactly what we spoke about right now.

▪ ▪ ▪ This part right here ▪ ▪ ▪ is what. I would consider the main introduction to the blog right after that.

It’s up to you and how good the blog is about. First headline.

Second cover image and third, the introduction and this article. I’m going to introduce you to the real potential of the human brain that you have access to.

People are like, okay, ▪ ▪ this paragraph right here, gets everybody and you guys will know why as soon as I read it, I want to start off by telling you something about your brain that you might not currently know, there’s this experiment where lab mice were conditioned in a certain way.

A bell would drink. Then the mice would get an electrical shock.

I know a lot of you right now are thinking that this is unethical and I agree with you.

The experiment is not very recent but stay with me for just a minute here.

▪ The shark experiment was conducted on the lab mice for a period of time until they gave birth to newborn mice.

Those newborn mice were also exposed to electrical shock experiments. The same thing happened again.

They kept receiving electrical shocks after a bell rings.

Until the second generation of lab mice gave birth to the third generation of lab mice.

The third generation of lab mice had the same experiment conducted on them as well until they gave birth to the fourth generation of lab mice.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The fourth generation of black mice was not exposed to the electrical shock treatment.

They never heard the bell and they never got any electrical shocks.

However, when they heard the bell rings they flinched. Let that sink in for a second.

How is that even possible? ▪ ▪ As soon as you read that you’re like ▪ damn, ▪ how is that possible?

And that’s what pushed people to read more and more and more.

And this article got featured in the start-up as one of the medium publications and gained a lot of traction first because it was featured there and it was featured there because it met certain elements.

The introduction slapped cover image was good.

The title was enticing it grabs people’s attention and all of those elements were met right as soon as you do that you’re gonna take your um your conversion rate and you’re gonna take your engagement rate to a whole different level and then it’s up to you, you guys can see there’s 468 people collapse this because the article itself was really good.

So after that, it is up to you guys, right?

If you have an enticing a good article with good information, after you grab people’s attention, they’re gonna keep reading.

I’m gonna take a look, ▪ ▪ take a quick look here at some of our stats.

▪ ▪ So I haven’t posted on medium in a very long time. It’s been three years.

Um give or take but you guys can see maybe we can sort them out by views.

▪ That’s the article that we just looked at earlier.

We only use 10% of our brain capacity, 20K views, and seven kicks as exercises for emotional intelligence.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ So the same thing applies right here.

I’m using a different cover image because I’m promoting one of the products after the article picked up traction seven kick as exercises for emotional intelligence.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my research ▪ is the same.

You guys can go on my profile, read a bunch of the best-performing articles and you guys will understand exactly what I mean.

And you will notice as well that in some of my least performing articles, ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 32 33 relationships in the meaning of life, what does that even mean?

It doesn’t stimulate any kind of attention. It doesn’t it’s just a title? Right?

It’s like it’s literally an essay almost from emotional intelligence to absurdity.

What does that even mean, test your intelligence in the meaning of life,? Procrastination? A double-edged sword. What?

But then you look at articles that got more traction, why 100 and 10 million people die each year.

The secret behind lasting motivation. The real reason you’re failing motivated to procrastinate is a deadly cycle.

The hidden secrets of neural plasticity revealed why your brain is forcing you guys can start cracking delays in this code.

The deadly procrastination traps you guys can already have superhuman memory house 100% brain capacity.

You guys can already see why those articles picked up more traction.

▪ Take a look at, ▪ take a look at this, ▪ ▪ ▪ why your brain is forcing you fail.

And again you guys can go on the profile, and read the same thing, they’ll be procrastination, a vicious cycle that affects over two billion people around the world image.

And you guys can understand now how it works. After that.

It’s up to you, you decide through your blog how good it’s gonna be, how enticing is gonna be and how much traction is gonna pick up.

But most importantly, you want to make sure that you grab people’s attention at first and that’s when it’s gonna play to your favor keep in mind, I haven’t posted on medium in about 2.5, or 3 years and you guys can see every single month there’s consistent views coming in ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ and I don’t do anything.

So once the articles, once you grab people’s attention and the articles pick up, there’s good information within there are always going to be getting more and more views literally on the google S E O. ▪ I wrote this, ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ mm-hmm.

▪ There we go. Only use 10% battery capacity. Medium com. My article pops up as the first one.

A lot of people are gonna be looking at it.

A lot of people refer to medium dot com as an independent blogging platform and they’re gonna literally search for certain questions with medium dot com next to will give you best information tha How To Get More Views On Get 100,000 Views On Medium

I’m not sure. I think without it, I don’t think the article would show.

▪ ▪ ▪ Yeah, it needs to be a little bit more specific, but you guys get the point.

So all of this taken into consideration, this is how you guys can take all the tools from the first video, combine them with the mix of elements that we spoke about in this video and you’re gonna be taking your medium journey to a whole different level ▪ and that was it.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, just like you enjoyed Part One And again if you haven’t seen part One, the link is gonna be right up there, Go check it out.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use there.

If you want to learn how to promote your content now that you learn how to structure it properly.

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