Best ways for getting traffic for your own website to earn fast -

Best ways for getting traffic for your own website to earn fast

Therefore, instead of wasting time, let’s get right to the point and begin our Ceo mini-course, by the way. The road map is this course.

If you understand this course, you will comprehend each and every topic when we go into detail on each one later. Therefore, please watch this video in its entirety. Nothing will be missed. It is critical to comprehend everything said in this video. Also, please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments about this video; I’ll be here almost every day to answer them.

Therefore, let’s begin together. Good friends! What exactly is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Let’s simplify things with an example. I research for open SCS restricts this catchphrase. As a result, someone is looking for a way to break Amazon SCS limits, and my video is now at the top of Google’s results for my blog. Adjudication is at the top of Google, which simply means that my website will appear whenever someone searches for this keyword.

As a result, I will receive free, organic website views. Google provides free traffic directly.

If I go to my website now, let’s open advocate dot com to show you this, then let’s go to the back and the dashboard (this is, by the way, our press website), and let’s go to Google Site Kit here to another tex. You can see that my website has around 20,000 visitors per month. You can see that I have 22 percent organic search traffic if you go down here to see the traffic. These 4000 users each month come directly from free organic traffic from Google searches. According to Google Site Kit, my blog has approximately 6,000 monthly visitors.

Google drives 27 percent of my organic search and organic traffic.

Therefore, I receive approximately 10,000 visitors to my websites each month solely from Google. So, now that we’ve seen this, what exactly is S E O Nel? Simply put, it’s a way to optimize your website so that you can get free traffic by ranking high on Google. That is all. You rank your site on the principal page of google or any web crawler to get free natural traffic. That’s easy. Now, let’s take a look at the three steps that a chief executive officer takes to get your website or page to the top of Google. The first is something known as keyword research. On-page optimization is the second option. The third option is off-page optimization.

At the point when you do these three stages, you will begin getting free natural traffic from google and web crawlers consequently on your site. Therefore, let’s begin one by one. How does keyword research work? Thus, we conduct keyword research. What exactly is a keyword? Simply enter a keyword here, for example, open as CS limits. This keyword is what Google users are looking for. It’s a catchphrase.

On the off chance that you go down to research down here, you will see look through connected with open SCS limits. You can see every one of these is the additional catchphrase. Thus, these are the search terms. Simply put, keyword research entails searching for keywords on which you will optimize your website to rank on Google—in my case, I’m ranking for this particular keyword.

Therefore, if you visit my blog, open it, and check out this: I’m on the second page.

Amazon S C S for configuration in the sending limits can be found here. As a result, this is the man I’m looking for in Google for this keyword. So your work presently is to find watchwords that your site can rank on the most proficient method to know this. Finding keywords, for instance, is the first step in conducting research. You can go to upsides like edge super tools, and my free marketing tools, and here you can go to S C O. and click on keyword research to get a lot of ideas for keywords. For example, if you want to write an article about email marketing, type email marketing, select the country you want, set it to global, and click enable deep search. Then simply wait a moment, and that application and super tours will now provide you with results for this keyword.

How many people look for each month?

It will also provide you with related keywords that people are also using Google to find. Therefore, these are all keywords that people are looking for, and the monthly search volume for each keyword can be obtained. Therefore, each of these is an idea for a keyword that you could use in articles or search engine results.

Finding a keyword with low competition is now your goal. What does it mean to have a keyword with low competition?

Assuming you go now to research, ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ sorry assuming that you will research and look for email showcasing, you will get a rundown of top sites that expound on email promoting like select in a beast like Hubspot like mission screen. These are substantial businesses whose new websites struggle to achieve and maintain a high rank on Google. Therefore, you must search for various keywords.

You can see a lot of keywords, so using a long tail keyword is better. What do you mean by a long tail keyword? For instance, in email marketing, a long tail keyword might be “tutorial for beginners.” As you can see, this is easier to rank on Google. Also, as I mentioned, another way to get cute is to look for related searches down here. Therefore, these are also long-tail keywords, which are simpler to rank for on Google. Therefore, your task at this point is to conduct keyword research and select the best keyword. After selecting a few keywords, you can then go on tours like Uber suggest, which is also free and has a free plan.

I mean, if you open it, let’s write something like an example of an introduction to an email marketing tutorial.

I’ll write it down here and select search for this one. So this is a watchword. What makes your suggestion appealing? It will present you with a difficulty known as S Ceo. Thus, this is a measure. You can see it’s not difficult to rank on, you can see the S. E. O trouble is simple. This cube is therefore simple to rank on Google. Therefore, your objective right now is to look for keywords with something like 3000 monthly searches, which is very good.

1000 to 2000 searches, check the ASIO difficulty, choose a keyword with a high volume of searches and a low difficulty level to rank on Google and write an article about it. In conclusion, conduct keyword research right now. Select a few keywords from a list and then eliminate them. To get high pursuit volume watchwords with low trouble. Keyword research is merely the concept at hand here. Therefore, now that you have selected your keyword list or content ideas, it is time to move on to the second step, which is on-page optimization.

Let’s return to my blog, where I have a setup guide for power M. T., which is an SMTP server.

Therefore, this blog post’s guide walks you through the process of installing power M anyway. So this is an article and I need to rank it on google.f I go to the back and edit the post here, you will see that I want to get free traffic. I’ll talk more about it in a moment if I click on this plug-in here. You can see that my analysis is green and I have S. U. Therefore, this article is optimized for S. C. O. What does this imply? The fact that I selected power indicates that this article has been optimized for this queue.M. T. A. Now, how can this article be optimized using what is known as on-page optimization?

What you can do on your website’s page, like edit the text and images, is called on-page optimization.

Therefore, actions you can take to optimize your website directly. For a Chief, for instance, this catchphrase is referenced, the heading and the heading of this title. In the subheadings, it is mentioned once more here. If you do, you’ll see that the power is mentioned repeatedly. Google can therefore determine that this article is about power Em in this straightforward manner, as you can see. As a result, this plug-in will instruct you precisely on how to optimize your articles for page S C O. Another illustration: if you add images, let’s say this image, click on it.

You will notice that I have a feature known as all text and alternative text.

It is essential to compress and optimize the size of your images for SEO purposes as well as to enter all of the text. As a result, the website will operate more quickly. An additional important factor for on-page SEO is the U R L or the path or concept of this post. You can set up a guide if you opened this page. Therefore, the L also stipulates that you must employ a friendly optimist. Also, to summarize, on-page SEO is what you can do on your website’s pages.

to make it search engine friendly. It is necessary to inform search engines that your article focuses on your subject. That’s it. Indicate to Google what you’re talking about—in my example, Power empties a cat or dog example. Regarding the keyword that you selected during the initial phase of the keyword research, I am unaware.

It’s so easy, I think. As a result, we select a keyword through research.

After optimizing our article for these selected keywords, we move on to off-page SEO. However, before we proceed, I want to introduce you to this plug-in. It is known as Joost. You can add in by going to the back, plugging ends, and adding in. For SEO purposes, installing this plug-in is crucial. You will discover if you collaborate with SEO. This plug-in, Yoast SEO, currently has five million installed users. You can see 27,005-star surveys. It is an excellent plug-in that will assist you and simplify everything for you.

If you click on your C. O. Here SEO analysis, it will detail the issues you need to address, such as a CIO title and meta descriptions for images. It will provide you with all of the information you need to optimize your article for on-page SEO. Therefore, we now move on to off-page SEO following its optimization for on-page SEO. What exactly is off-page SEO? Simply put, off-page SEO refers to everything you do outside of your website. What can I do? A straightforward illustration would be to share your website on social media. How useful this is.

  • It will issue what are known as social signals. Therefore, Google will also monitor your website’s social signals.

It will check whether individuals are sharing it via virtual entertainment, it will see if it’s getting traffic from web-based entertainment, etc.

Therefore, this metric will be tracked by the social engine to determine the amount of social media interaction with your website. Social Signals is its name. Backlinks, or over-suggesting, are another important factor. I have approximately 3700 backlinks. Any website counts as a backlink. any other website that links to yours in a similar way. That’s easy if you watch my video, you’ll learn about the S. C. O. Service that freelancers can provide.

I mentioned that providing a backlink for someone else is an important service you can provide. Therefore, on your website, for instance, if you go to this guy here on my blog, as an illustration, let’s open this blog post, and if you scroll down here, you can see that I have links: here is a link, here is a link, and here is a link. These are all engraved riff links. Therefore, a backlink is when a person who is linking to you provides you with a link from his or her website.

It’s a link that connects another website to yours from another website.

When you have a lot of backlinks, it simply indicates to Google and the search engines that this website is important and that everyone is linking to it. Thus, it contains useful data. This is how backlinks function, then. So you really want to work back joins, you really want to get back joins perhaps like by sending cold messages to other site proprietors asking in return perhaps back joins or perhaps purchasing a back connect from them or no big deal either way. Alternatively, you might be able to construct them naturally—I’ll go into more detail about this later on in other videos—if you want. However, keep in mind that acquiring high rankings on Google necessitates the creation of backlinks. This matters a lot. We refer to this as the other factor of on-page SEO.

If you return to the dashboard from this location, the site kit analytics.

If you go here, you can also see the session duration and something called the bounce rate, both of which are significant. You must decrease the bounce rate and increase the session duration if you want to rank your website hire.

How many individuals are remaining on your site? If you return to my primary website, let’s see dedicate dot com, WP admin will show you that my bouncer is in some way effective. It’s lower than my blog. Simply because I hosted my courses, including my free courses, on my website, I previously mentioned this.

This indicates that someone will view my course here.

In the event that he watched a course of one hour, he will remain on my site for 60 minutes., Google places a high value on this. It informs them of the significance of this website to people who continue to browse it. They are not leaving the website immediately or doing anything else. Therefore, off-page SEO refers to the development of social signals and shares from outside your website. That’s it then. This is how the United States optimizes your website to get free, organic search engine traffic. There are three main steps: keyword research, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Please comment below if you have any questions or comments, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.


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